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Apple Introduces A Game-Changing Credit Card Named Apple Card

Apple Introduces A Game-Changing Credit Card Named Apple Card by mohit bansal chandigarh
Apple is one of the most innovative companies , and its Apple Card is the latest innovation introduced in the market. There were lots of speculations  about the event Apple held this week and how it would address its slowdown in growth. But to everyone’s surprise, the existing products were not in focus at all and a completely new product Apple Card grabbed all the headlines. Apple Card is basically a modern and advanced credit card, and it is specifically designed for iPhone users as it will work with Apple Pay. It takes only a few minutes for the iPhone users to sign up and get it ready for use.

The Emergence Of Apple Card

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared some outstanding stats and facts about Apple Pay which eventually led to the emergence of Apple Card. Apple Pay got to witness around 10 billion transactions so far in this year, Apple Pay is the main digital payment service used by most of the popular in the US as well as other European countries with a huge chunk of Apple users. In fact, the retail acceptance in Apple Pay in Australia is 99%, and that in the US is 70%.
By the end of the year, Apple Pay will be dominating in 40 countries across the world. Since Apply Pay has been wildly successful, Apple Card already has the platform to be super successful. Most of the people use a credit card for offline transactions due to various conveniences. Thus, it’s clear that people using Apple Pay for online transaction will prefer using Apple Card for offline transactions.

How Does Apple Card Works?

After the initial signing up in a few minutes, you can control Apple Card from Wallet app seamlessly. Within the tap, you can tap on the card to find the last transactions, how much money you owe and how much you have spent in different categories. You can tap on individual transactions to see where the transaction took place via Apple Maps. To attract the Apple users, Apple is providing 2% cash back on every transaction Apple Pay transaction. When you purchase directly from Apple, the cash back is 3%. For physical transactions, there is 1% cash back available. The best part is that you will get the cash back daily and you do not have to wait till the end of the month which is the case with its competitors.
Apple has collaborated with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs to bring out the card. They have promised that the data will not be to anyone for marketing and advertisement. The most important thing to notice is that there is no late fee as of now. Moreover, there is no annual fee, no over-limit fee, or international fee. The Apple Card will have no card number, no CVV code, no expiration date or signature.
As far as the security measures go, you will get a different credit card number for every device. You can access the PIN code only through Face ID or fingerprint. For now, the card will be available for the US users this summer.

Tips for buying rattan garden furniture that will last


Purchasing outside furniture requires some particular contemplation. You will need furniture intended to deal with warmth, cold, sun, downpour, and whatever else nature can toss at it. Selecting the most durable material is not all. Some furniture will not be suitable in warmth, some are not suited to direct daylight, a few others can get rust in a wet climate, and lightly weighted parts can overwhelm in high breezes. No outside furniture can endure a very harsh environment all over, so you must choose furniture that is ideal for the local climate.

Maintenance is the critical thing to keep in mind as well. Regardless of whether your outdoor furniture like rattan garden furniture is produced using materials of the highest quality, it is going to last more and will look great if you maintain them regularly. If you can’t, then you’ll need to search for rattan outdoor furniture that needs a garden hose wash so that its look appears to be incredible.


It is essential that you pick the appropriate material that suits your garden:

Wood Porch Furniture:

The material of wood is fundamental for building outdoor furniture like rattan garden furniture for sale. Wood materials offer you a broad scope of styles at different ranges. Softwoods, similar to cedar or pine, are lesser durable, and less expensive, while teak, which is hardwoods, can keep going for a considerable length of time if appropriately thought about. No matter which wood material you settle on, make sure it is strong weather resistant; however, it can encounter strong sunrays. The shading will blur, and the wood can break, however, some may like the dark patina that woods can sustain with. Water can likewise be an issue, especially once the woodwork is drenched up regularly or is in still water, which can make it twist and debilitate. You’ll need to apply a crisp sealant to secure it consistently, or for wood with paint, another layer of paint, and the less expensive the wood; the more every now and again you’ll need sealing it. Fancy teak decorations are a good investment, and it’s imperative to think about those if you need those to endure.

Metal Yard Furniture:

Another option that can fit any stylistic layout and budget is the material metal. It’s reliable and sturdy, with choices, for example, lightweight aluminum, stainless steel, and exemplary wrought iron. Stainless steel and Aluminum are both anti-rust material, which means less upkeep; however, a customary layer of car wax is good as protection. Check more such wide range of furniture at

Keeping metal rattan garden furniture UK far from standing water will help; however, you may even now discover rust spots. You’ll need to clean those spots with some woolen steel, and afterward apply paint. Stainless steel furniture, as well as wrought iron both, will, in general, be overwhelming, which encourages them to remain set up in the breezy climate, yet they’ll be difficult while moving if you need to transfer.

The least expensive alternative is Aluminum, yet that lightweight development implies it can get thumped over in strong wind; you’ll need to move of safeguard these items inside during storms. Furniture of metal, also, can be heated up if left under the sun, which isn’t agreeable. Make sure to you are using cushions in your metal furniture or keeping it under the shade.

Resin or Plastic Yard Furniture:

Plastic and resin, which are synthetic materials, are light in weight, reasonable, and straightforward to think about. Maybe you think that plastic furniture is tacky; however, nowadays they are available in practically all styles which include weaves like wicker-style built of synthetic materials for long-lasting. Thinking about plastic and tar rattan sofa furniture is generally straightforward, requiring minimal more than hose wash (or pressure wash if it’s especially grimy). You’ll need moving this lightweight porch furniture away from the breeze since it can blow away or get severely damaged in a terrible storm. When buying, be careful with shoddy, unstable plastic, which might be unbalanced and inclined to breaking — you’ll most likely need to supplant those pieces every year.

Wicker Yard Furniture:

Lastly, there’s normal wicker, which is woven rattan made, or another natural material. They have an incredible exemplary style, yet it doesn’t care for the climate. This “open air” rattan furniture for sale is best when you keep them in the shade and shielded from downpour so that they are in the best condition.

Search for wicker that is made for external use, and make arrangements for storing it inside, or cover it at least on days during a massive storm and throughout the winter.


Your garden can look even more extraordinary if you decorate it appropriate furniture. The best furniture products can elevate the appearance of your garden to the next level. With garden furniture from rattan give your loving garden the more stylish look that it reserves.

Players Love PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite by mohit bansal chandigarh

The game PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) has become quite a staple in mobile gaming ( PUBG Mobile Lite) since its release on Android and iOS devices (February 9th, 2018). Mobile gamers have since been crazy for the game as it provides the high-end PC experience in smartphones. However, it didn’t quite feel like the PC version. Despite the similarities, there was a gap in the PC and mobile versions.

Tencent has now filled the gap with the release of PUBG Mobile Lite. Since its release on July 4th, 2019, PUBG Lite Mobile has been doing what it promised. It provides the high-end PC experience low-end smartphones. The people who didn’t get the play PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile due to the limitations of their devices, now have something that will give them the thrilling and exciting experience of the game.

Does It Live Up To The Standards Set By PUBG and PUBG Mobile?

I installed the game (PUBG Mobile Lite) yesterday and spent a considerable amount of time playing it. I’ve played both the PC and the normal Mobile versions and I can say that this is yes another masterpiece by Tencent games.

So, the answer to the above question is yes! In my opinion, it even surpasses the previous versions due to many reasons. The major reason being that it provides the same experience as that of the PC version, the file size is smaller compared to the previous versions, and a lesser amount of memory (RAM) to play the game. This means that even more players can enjoy the authentic PUBG experience. Bravo Tencent!


Postfreeads Launches Free Classifieds Website in India to Post Free Ads

0 has launched its free classified ad posting website where users get to post a free advertisement for their products and services. This platform connects Indian buyers and sellers. is one of the leading classified ad posting websites in India. The platforms offer their exclusive free ad posting services to the businesses and other entities based in India. It covers almost all the Indian cities and allows marketers to promote their company and services by posting a free advertisement on The users can even publish an advertisement of their rental property, commercial building, or a real estate for resale on this platform without having to pay a single penny. has made it easier for the small and medium scale businesses to advertise their brand on the Internet without having to worry about a hefty fee.

All that the users need to do is create a free account with Postfreeads, and that’s it! They can start using this platform for publishing their product and service advertisements. The good news is Postfreeads is now offering a large number of ad categories. Depending on the particular product or services, users can pick any category and post as many advertisements as they want for free. Some of the common ad categories individuals can find here include travel and recreation, pets, personals (dating and matrimonial), electronics, home appliances, education and learning, cars, bikes, automobiles, rental accommodation, real estate, books, sports, health and wellness, jobs, clothes and apparels, accessories, furniture, smartphones, and tablets, laptop, and other such regular products and services. has a wide customer base, which means a large number of visitors hit this platform to search for their required commodities. With the help of Postfreeads experts, users can submit their advertisement and have it approved within minutes.

Postfreeads is an ideal classified platform for posting free ads of the brand. It not only helps users to connect with a wider audience by presenting their brand to hundreds of thousands of visitors, but they can expect reliable customers. Unlike the traditional mode of advertising, is a free classified site. The users don’t need to spend any money on registering with the website or publishing an advertisement. Also, there is no restriction on the number of ads one can post. The users are allowed to post a number of ads and attract organic traffic to their page. Postfreeads is preferred by an array of customers and sellers.

The best part about this website is users can expect their advertisement to go live within minutes. They don’t have to wait for months to get their ad approved by the company; instead, everything can be settled within seconds. The advertisers only need to include the information about their brand or services in the description box, and that’s it! Once they hit the post button, their advertisement will go live. They will start receiving traffic to the post. Unlike other traditional advertisement methods where users had to wait for several days to get to see their advertisement in newspapers and magazines, Postfreeads does everything almost instantly. In addition, users can expect to drive only organic traffic to their ads. This way, they can rest assured that only their target audience will connect with them.

Art News: The Rise of Marko Stout


Heads up art buffs! Hearing the name Marko Stout surely immediately pops out of your mind when talking about New York art. Though he is not only renowned in the world of art. Even in photography, print, film, video, and new media, his name still excels.

Could we say that he is the next Andy Warhol? It may seem that way. Numerous art and media enthusiasts and professionals considered Marko Stout as the millennial generation of Andy Warhol. This is true, especially in terms of versatility, style, and even friendships with celebrities, including as the Kardashians, Charlie Sheen and RuPaul.

However, what makes him stand out among the rest artists? It is his distinctive urban style that captures stimulating themes along with extravagant colors and dominant, intense subjects. This allows him to reinforce the emotions of every work he does. No wonder, he has been gaining a lot of fans (even celebrities) across the world. He holds record-breaking sales in the Legendary MC at NYC. We can also imagine decorating our homes with his exceptional work! Marko Stout sales from the last exhibition at Gallery MC in New York where very high with most of his metal urban prints selling for $40,000 and the larger piece even more.

He is also known for the International “Edible Apple Film Festival” in downtown New York. He is promoting experimental film and state of the art avant-garde artworks which he was founded in 2015. His tour for the art installation Chelsea Girls enabled him to feature on The Huffington Post. Earlier this year Marko Stout announced that he will produce the “International Art and Film Festival”, a 2 week long celebration of avant-guard art and film in New York City in early October 2020.

Stout is not just your typical pop artist. He is also known for being a true rebel mainly because he does not believe in maintaining a low profile. He has a creative approach. Even his looks speak for himself. You can usually see him wearing vintage-style sunglasses, unique hats, and black clothes. His style is distinct, and you can easily recognize it. Aside from going to art galleries, Stout wants to spend his time visiting various events in the community.

His Inspiration: Being an artist is difficult, especially no ideas are popping out of your head. His travels and socialization to other people helped him a lot to create powerful, beautiful art. But generally, he gets inspiration for his paintings through the pictures of models. Stout always integrates digital technology in all of his arts to produce a stunning artistic effect as well as a vibrant and modern look.

Just like any other artists and celebrities, Marko Stout had a humble beginning. It is his hard work, passion, and talent that led him to where he is right now. He has been active for the last couple of years. His works are easy to relate to, which made him one of the most influential artists in the competitive state of NY. The Kardashians are among those who admire the work of this noble person.

The works of Marko Stout bring more life in the world of art. They are sought-after by galleries, dealers, and celebrities. Many clubs, workspaces, and other environments have featured them. Stout continues to pave a way in the scene with his newly launched “Urban Tribe”. It is a line of casual and cool urban section.

Switch between Audio and Video on the YouTube Music App now

youtube music

YouTube has successfully matched five million audio tracks with their official videos. Premium users on YouTube Music can now transit from the audio of a track to watching the music video without any hindrance.

To switch between audio songs to music videos, the user just needs to tap a single button. Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager, YouTube Music wrote in a blog post on Thursday, “A video button can be seen at the top of the screen when the user starts listening to a song. Tapping on that button will instantly start the music video for them. They can turn back to the audio at the same point,”

It is ensured by YouTube Music that when a user decides to go back from video to the audio, all the other sounds that are in the music video, like long introductions, would not be included in between the audio song.

Bilinski further added, “Not into music videos? We’ve got you covered. To stick to songs 100 percent of the time, turn off the music video option by toggling ‘Don’t play music videos’ to the ‘on’ position,”

YouTube Music was launched in India earlier in March.

Recent reports by Deloitte and the Indian Music Industry (IMI) shows that the audio and video over the top (OTT) market in India is valued at around $280 million.

Almost 150 million monthly active users get access to millions of soundtracks across platforms with this evolving audio OTT market.