“Firedrake the Silver Dragon” Review: This is a pleasant story about finding your way

Firedrake the Silver Dragon Review

FireDrake The Silver Dragon, is a fantasy adventure of CGI children on Netflix. Firedrake has spent his entire life in the valley with all the other dragons hiding from humans. The dragon has lived peacefully with humanity, but centuries ago, humanity greed expelled the dragon.

One human even created a dragon murder machine called Nettlebrand, which was said to be unstoppable. Now, humanity has begun to break the valley where dragons remain hidden. Desperate for a new house, Firedrake and his friend, Brownie Sorrel. Went to find the edge of heaven where dragons could fly safely and for free.

For me, there are prominent differences between children’s films and family films.

Family films are films that entertain children and adults well. Shrek immediately appeared in mind as an iconic example of a classic family film. On the other hand, children’s films can entertain children. But most likely will accommodate a little attraction for adults in the room. Firedrake The Silver Dragon, fell firmly in the last category.

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The film’s story followed the naive Firedrake through a series of misadventures. When he desperately tries to find a new home for his people. At the beginning of his adventure, he stumbled into an orphan named Ben. Confusing How to Tame your dragon poster for evidence that Ben is a Dragon-Rider.

Firdrake chose to bring the boy in the search. Believing that he could lead them to their fairy tale location. This happened to protest Sorrel, whose father instilled in a passionate human distrust.

Through these three characters, Firedrake The Silver Dragon conveys honesty, growth, and prejudice. While no one coming out of this narrative was very surprising, it was applied quite well.

With the clarity that even the youngest audience would be able to wrap their brains. Unfortunately for our hero, this story is not just about inner growth and overcomes distrust. The terrible Nettlebrand has studied the search for Firedrake and will pursue young dragons to the edge of the world.

Perhaps the only funniest aspect of our story comes in the form of net brand.

We are voiced by Patrick Stewart (Picard) Legendary (Picard). The sound of Nettlebrand over-the-top Melds Shakespearean Flair with a silly tone of the dialogue with perfect.

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The performances by Stewart stand out among the remaining FireDrake The Silver Dragon’s cast which. While never wrong, never managed to give something truly memorable.

The CGI used to send visual stories is solid if it is somewhat not inspired. Ridiculous appearance, excessive features, and over-the-top reactions expected from children’s films. That are all delivered with sufficient skills to calm young viewers. Who are long enough to make time and time half a pleasant running.

So, the Silver Dragon firedrake was a solid film that might succeed in maintaining the attention of younger viewers looking for something new to watch, while it might fail to get the attention of adults in the room.

If you can’t stand thinking about listening to the film for the one-hundredth time, this can function as a pleasant break for you, and something that children in your life may get some giggling and maybe some life lessons from.

Firedrake The Silver Dragon, is a solid film that might have been managed. To hold the younger audience’s attention looking for something new to watch. While it might fail to withstand the attention of adults in the room. If you can’t stand thinking about listening to the film for the one-hundredth time.

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This can function as a pleasant break for you. And something that children in your life may get some giggles and maybe some life lessons from.


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