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Harry Potter Wizard Unite Now, Unites The World

Harry Potter

Good news for Harry Potter lovers! Now, Wizards unite available in India for all the ones who are crazy fans of it. It is even available in 143 more countries like France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Pakistan, Singapore, Mexico, and many more. It rolled out on Friday after testing it in Australia and New Zealand. It is a reality game which has made people go mad at it. It is made by the same developers who worked on Pokémon Go in 2016, which was a significant hit in the gaming industry. Pokemon Go is available now in 148 areas around the world. Now, all can play it by downloading the app from play store in android and Samsung galaxy store or via App store for iOS.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite was launched in 144 new countries starting from India on 22nd June at 10 pm IST including 24 other regions at the same time. Around approximately 9 hours, this game was rolled out in 119 more areas of the world and created a big launch. In the official post of Harry Potter, Wizards Unite website, WB games and Niantic mentioned that game would continue to be launched in other countries as well. You must be wondering whether your place is covered up or not or your territory is included or not.

You can check its official website to know more about countries, and we will name here

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite countries

  1. Albania
  2. Anguilla
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Argentina
  5. Aruba
  6. Austria
  7. Bahamas
  8. Bahrain
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Barbados
  11. Belgium
  12. Belize
  13. Benin
  14. Bermuda
  15. Bhutan
  16. Bolivia
  17. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  18. Botswana
  19. Brazil
  20. British Virgin Islands
  21. Brunei Darussalam
  22. Bulgaria
  23. Burkina Faso
  24. Cambodia
  25. Canada
  26. Cape Verde
  27. Cayman Islands
  28. Chad
  29. Chile
  30. Colombia
  31. Costa Rica
  32. Cote d’Ivoire
  33. Croatia
  34. Cyprus
  35. Czech Republic
  36. Denmark
  37. Dominica
  38. Dominican Republic
  39. Ecuador
  40. Egypt
  41. El Salvador
  42. Estonia
  43. Fiji
  44. Finland
  45. France
  46. Gabon
  47. Gambia
  48. Germany
  49. Ghana
  50. Greece
  51. Grenada
  52. Guatemala
  53. Guinea-Bissau
  54. Guyana
  55. Haiti
  56. Honduras
  57. Hong Kong
  58. Hungary
  59. Iceland
  60. India
  61. Indonesia
  62. Ireland
  63. Israel
  64. Italy
  65. Jamaica
  66. Jordan
  67. Kazakhstan
  68. Kenya
  69. Kuwait
  70. Kyrgyzstan
  71. Laos
  72. Latvia
  73. Lebanon
  74. Liberia
  75. Liechtenstein
  76. Lithuania
  77. Luxembourg
  78. Macau
  79. Macedonia
  80. Madagascar
  81. Malawi
  82. Malaysia
  83. Malta
  84. Mauritania
  85. Mauritius
  86. Mexico
  87. Micronesia, Federated States of
  88. Mongolia
  89. Montserrat
  90. Morocco
  91. Mozambique
  92. Namibia
  93. Nepal
  94. Netherlands
  95. Netherlands Antilles
  96. Nicaragua
  97. Niger
  98. Norway
  99. Oman
  100. Pakistan
  101. Palau
  102. Panama
  103. Papua New Guinea
  104. Paraguay
  105. Peru
  106. Philippines
  107. Poland
  108. Portugal
  109. Qatar
  110. Romania
  111. Rwanda
  112. Saint Lucia
  113. Sao Tome and Principe
  114. Serbia
  115. Seychelles
  116. Sierra Leone
  117. Singapore
  118. Slovakia
  119. Slovenia
  120. Solomon Islands
  121. South Africa
  122. Spain
  123. Sri Lanka
  124. St. Kitts and Nevis
  125. St. Vincent and The Grenadines
  126. Suriname
  127. Swaziland
  128. Sweden
  129. Switzerland
  130. Taiwan
  131. Tajikistan
  132. Tanzania
  133. Thailand
  134. Togo
  135. Trinidad and Tobago
  136. Turkmenistan
  137. Turks and Caicos
  138. Uganda
  139. United Arab Emirates
  140. Uruguay
  141. Uzbekistan
  142. Venezuela
  143. Vietnam
  144. Zambia

Virtuocity’s is all set For Their E-Gaming Festival in Qatar


Virtuocity is the famous and premier gaming as well as e-sports venue in Qatar. Now this company is bringing a summer program as a part of an initiative- Summer in Qatar. This gaming festival is going to start on 20 June and will end on 10th August. The players will be competing for a whopping prize of QAR 60,000.

This is one such festival which brings in world-class gaming experience to Qatar. The augmented sporting experience is indeed one of a kind. The players and fans can experience an entirely different world from 20th June onwards. Fans can check out the artists’ gallery to explore the talent of the locale. Novel gaming and anime collectibles will also be available at this festival.

On 27-28 night, there will be a karaoke program where budding singers can present their talent to the audience. All anime and cartoon songs will be played on these two nights. The gaming tournament starts from July 5th. FIFA tournament, Overwatch Tournament, CS: GO tournament will be conducted during this period.

After the first round of competitions of all the games mentioned above is done, their semi-finals will start on 8th August and will be conducted till 10th of the same month. Cosplay Parade and competition will also be there in the festivities followed by the closing ceremony. The is organized in 4,500 square meters of space, and there will be various kinds of programs that will be held during the festival season.

QNTC is striving to meet the tastes of different kinds of audience and promote Qatar as one of the best sporting events venue. This Summer in Qatar is one of their strategies to make Qatar the best place for tourism among families. SiQ will be introducing a range of exciting indoor as well as outdoor experiences for the audience in this gaming event that proves why they are the best.

Mutant Turtle Ninja Game Is For Free, Play Now!

Mutant Ninja Turtles

Here is the craziest way to remind your memories if you were a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the cartoon and action version in the 1980s and ’90s. Hope you remember the cartoons at that time and their acts and deeds that make us glued to our televisions for hours and hours and make more excited for the next episodes. The game related to them is out now i.e., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue Palooza which is an arcade game and showing the turtles filled with lines from the show. It is a homage to NES games. It has around 60 playable characters in it and will be an exciting show for all game lovers.

Shredder has decided to celebrate the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his rivalry with the half-shell heroes by kidnapping their complete support cast. He did so you can rescue them all, and after that, they become those characters who can be played with. They can be your favorite playable characters. They are a total of 60 in numbers, which is enormous. Pretty sure, you will love playing with them. It means it has a very character from the cartoon you remember like Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai and many more.

They all play a lot like the old ones which while playing feels like Golden Axe. You can download this game from its developer website i.e., Merso X’s Website. This game will unleash your all old memories related to its cartoon characters if you remember. It has all aspects from small to big known ones. You will love it while playing. It has been up in market and website for free. It is an arcade game of the ’90s which many of you must be aware of. New gen will now explore its gaming version, and old ones went through its series.

Every Player Gets Home Advantage Now With Scuff’s NBA 2K League


Scuf Gaming, the most famous manufacturer of gaming controllers is here with their new innovation- the NBA 2K League. The company is now launching a set of controllers to honor the 2K League. The SCUF vantage controller is something that will give you top-notch gaming experience. The unique design, faceplate embedded with color and logo of any one of the NBA 2K League team.

This Vantage is touted to be a customized piece to match with the hands of players and improvise their comfort while they are playing. Duncan Ironmonger, the CEO of Scuf Gaming has stated that this NBA K league edition is a tribute to the fans who are loyal and faithful for the teams. The fans can now represent their favorite team while gaming.

He continued “We’ve been a foundational partner with the NBA 2K League since its first season, supporting the league and providing players with high-performance equipment to play at the highest levels,” continued Ironmonger. “As the league grows, we’re excited to bring fans even closer to the action.

Scuf Gaming is the official sponsor of the NBA 2K league and this new collection is their extended support for the game. The company is acting as an affiliate for all the teams that are participating in NBA 2K League and is promoting all the teams with their products. The NBA 2K League is an 18 weeks competition, the playoffs will be conducted on July 24 and finals will be telecasted on August 3rd.

The latest Scuf Gaming collection is available in the US and Canada. If you are eyeing them, then you can purchase them directly from their website. You can check the images and know more about products on this website.

Twitch prime subscribers now to get exclusive cosmetics from The Division 2

Devision 2

Twitch prime subscribers will now be getting exclusive cosmetics from The Division 2. As per the recent reports, The Division 2 has become the latest game to offer such provisions to the twitch subscribers. Those paying for the service offered by The Division 2 will get Amazon Prime along with four loot drops that come with a bundle of sports gear. The package deal also consists of various sports activities equipment.

Players can claim their first loop drop by linking their Twitch prime and Uplay accounts. The package provides the players with few cosmetics for the fictitious Washington Spears Sports activities staff that also includes a cap, shorts, shoes, and jackets. Along with these basic things, a baseball catcher’s mask is also provided to the subscribers.

The other three packages of loot have been indexed as ‘coming soon.’ The Twitch subscribers even get ad-free viewing, exclusive emoticons, and in-game loot. Along with these deals, the subscribers would also get one channel subscription to be used each month.

Those who have already subscribed for Amazon prime can also activate there Twitch account using the link.

Overwatch to get new Octopus themed skin


As per a recent update, the new skin of Overwatch is an octopus theme that is set up to give tribute to Bang Jjonak Sunghyeon, the Overwatch’s League 2018 MVP. If reports are to be true, then the new octopus theme of Overwatch will release next week.

The mythical pores and the skin closely options enhance the celebrity Jjonak Sunghyeon red color and that of his favourite animal, the octopus. The in-game identity of Jjonak Sunghyeon is a short version of jjomulak nakji which roughly translates to Korean word for fumbling octopus. Such is the obsession of Jjonak Sunghyeon with the animal that he has got the animal tattooed on his body.

The head of Zenyatta has been replaced with an octopus in a jar filled with water whilst the smaller variations of the animals are wrapped around Zenyatta’s floating orbs. The game has been mechanized in such a way that when the players pop their ult, Zenyatta will sprout its tentacles. The game is all set go live on Thursday that is June 27th and would continue till July 14.