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RHOA News: Kenya Moore Had A Meltdown And The Reason Is Marc Daly

Kenya Moore Had A Meltdown And The Reason Is Marc Daly


RHOA News: Kenya Moore Had A Meltdown And The Reason Is Marc Daly

Kenya Moore, the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ star is one of the key members of the show. She secretly got married to a businessman by the name of Marc Daly in 2017. The couple then soon gave birth to their daughter ‘Brooklyn Doris Daly’. Since then, Kenya Moore is living in Atlanta to take care of the baby and Marc Daly has to stay in New York to look over the business.

Reports suggest that Kenya Moore broke down in tears while shooting an episode for RHOA as she was sharing some personal things about her marriage. It’s a speculation that she cried because of some marital issues.

According to the article “Kenya Moore Allegedly Broke Down While Filming RHOA Due To Marital Issues With Marc Daly”, “Kenya had a meltdown. She is really struggling being basically a single mom. She said on camera how much she was having to deal with, and the pressure was really intense. She was in crisis mode and really broke down while filming. It was intense. Kenya feels like she is doing all of the parenting in the relationship, and it is overwhelming for her”.

They further added, “Kenya is an open book this season and she’s sharing everything she feels, especially how as a new mom she is feeling a lot of pressure. It is a lot to take care of baby Brooklyn by herself, and she shared that on camera”.  It seems like this season is going to be very interesting because Kenya will allegedly let it all out.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Are you excited about the new season of RHOA? Could Kenya Moore and Marc Daly be having a divorce? Let us know in the comments below.

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