SNS Professional SCAM- Fraud Alert!

SNS-professional ZNS associate support SCAM

Scamming is a dark part of our world and Scammers keep finding different ways to rip people off. From IRS Scams to Techsupport Scams, these devious practices keep increasing day by day. Now, here is a report of yet another Scam operation that doesn’t use just one way to Scam people. An organization by the name of “SNS Professional” , tricked consumers into buying tech support services by claiming their computers were infected with viruses, malware, or other security breaches.


There are many reports about them over the internet stating that they run a Techsupport Scam alongside a Payroll and Quickbooks Scam. A post by one of the victims who scammed by SNS Professional on Scampulse states that “I was referred to ZNS Associates Ltd by Brother Corporation after having printer issues. “John” was difficult to understand, and he used his accent to his advantage to coerce purchasing further, unnecessary services. I permitted his controlling my computer after paying for his 2 year service. As he did his work, he insisted I purchase a nonspecific Microsoft Office program for 10 computers for 10 years that I had no need for. Straining to understand his monologue and having extreme desire to comply to get my computer back in good working order, he quickly pushed me through paying an additional $500 through PayPal. PayPal has the advantage for this deceit because the paying is immediate and final. I was vulnerable to this deceit because of being naive, primarily concentrating on intense efforts to compensate my being half deaf by trusting and complying to “John”, much to my demise.


One of the victims mentioned that when you search the company’s address (91 Laguna Circle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y6W3) on Google, a house location comes up. An article on Minds about Payroll and Quickbooks Scams states “One of the biggest QuickBooks and Payroll Scams operates under the name “SNS Professional aka ZNS Associates Support”. They offer to provide QuickBooks, Payroll, Accounting, and Bookkeeping services, however, they Scam companies by using the methods mentioned above. SNS Professional runs its Scam operation in the USA, Canada, and the UK. For the USA and Canada, they use 18004805152 & 18336005829 as their numbers, and for the UK, they use 448006527832 as their number”.


So, it seems like the company doesn’t only run a Techsupport Scam, but they also use QuickBooks and Payroll services as a way to Scam other organizations. Another thing to note here is that they operate under two different names, “SNS Professional” and “ZNS Associates Support”. But that’s not it… searching them on Better Business Bureau, which is one of the best websites to check a company’s legitimacy, reveals a piece of information that acts as proof that they are running a scam. On their BBB page, BBB states “Alert: The address for this business is not recognized by the US Post Office. Mail was returned by the post office marked “NO SUCH NUMBER”. Both websites previously used by the business are registered to an address in Haryana, India and no longer work. BBB has been unable to locate an FBN registration for this business as ZNS Associates Support or SNS Professional Support with San Joaquin County, nor is either business name registered with the California Secretary of State. BBB wrote to the company requesting information on where and how the business is registered. To date, we have not received a response”. The address on their BBB page is 2256 E Alpine Ave, Stockton, CA 95205… another house address.


However, this is not all the information discovered about “SNS Professional aka ZNS Associates Support”. A Scambaiter by the name of “IT Advocate” shared a video on his official YouTube channel exposing the Scam operation by calling them. The description of the video states “In this one I call up another pop-up Scammer named “SNS Professional Services” which is pulling off the usual Tech Support Scam. In this call I spoke to a number of Scammers all with the same rhetoric as usual. One of the Scammer’s went in and outright lied about the Event Viewer claiming the “Errors and Warnings” contained there were linked to Windows Defender not being activated which is complete nonsense. The Scammer also makes brief reference to this also being due to Stopped Services in my system which is also complete lies”.


Beware of such scams and report them to the authorities as soon as you come across one. What do you think about this company’s devious practices? Do you have such experiences with a Scam operation? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. ZNS Associates aka SNS Professional Tech Support is a scam. I can’t believe I fell for it. I was browsing through the internet and suddenly got an alert on my screen and got their number (+1-800-480-5152) to call for help. I called the number and the representative started giving me instructions to fix the computer. I unknowingly gave him access to my computer. He showed a bunch of crap on the screen and said all of my personal information is at risk. I had never experienced anything like that before and I ended up paying $299.99 for three years of unlimited security and support. He said that they are situated in the US but he didn’t sound like he was sitting anywhere in America.

    • This is sick!! I understand that everyone needs to make a living but scamming should never be an option. People who take such illegal business shortcuts must be put behind bars with urgency. I’m glad that I read this article before something like this came my way.

    • SNS Professional uses numbers taken from Avoxi to trick people into thinking that their systems are infected. They then charge an enormous amount of money to fix the issues created by them in the first place. This happened to me and on seeking help from Avoxi, they straight up refused to help. Something fishy is going on between Avoxi and SNS Professional.

  2. In the name of tech support, this company is scamming people. I myself received their fake warning on my computer with their number on it. I have some knowledge about computers and such type of tech scams and I know how they operate. But still, out of curiosity, I called them, and without providing any of my personal details kept inquiring about their company. When I asked “why do you scam innocent people?”, they had no answer and they disconnected my call, probably thinking that they won’t get anything out of my pocket. I did some digging and found out that their number has been reported on multiple websites. They operate with different names (SNS Professional and ZNS Associates) and with different numbers(18555000718,
    18009842707, 18007699231). I am 100% sure that this is a fraud company.

  3. This number is getting used by a scam company named SNS Professional a.k.a ZNS Associates. I got a fake warning on my computer with a 1-800-480-5152 number on it to call for support. I didn’t know about such tech scams by then and I fell for it. They took $399.99 from me to fix my computer. I have reported them on multiple platforms and I hope that their scamming spree will end soon.

  4. They Scammed me too… Got a message to call 18004805152 because of suspicious activity… there was even a recorded message saying the same thing. I panicked and called. The lady on the call forced me to pay $499.99 for a lifetime plan. Now, they ain’t even answering my calls. I also heard something about them running a Payroll Scam as well.

  5. About a few months ago, I received an email about availing some free services and I clicked on the link attached to it. Immediately, a weird screen popped up stating that my system and personal information is in danger and I needed to call on a number (). Confused and scared, I called on the number and a woman with a thick accent answered the call (she said her name was “Jessica”). She insisted to take the “remote access” of my computer and showed me a lot of things that were wrong with my computer. I was charged $625.75 for the fixation and the charge came in under the name “SNS Professional”. I researched a bit and read some shady stuff about this company. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them since then but the assholes are not answering my calls or replying to my emails. I KNOW THAT THESE SHITHEADS SCAMMED ME!!! I tried to seek help from Avoxi but even they are reluctant to help me. It’s a shame that a 62 year old man had to go through this SHIT. SCAMS LIKE THIS MUST BE NEUTRALIZED IMMEDIATELY.

  6. Just about six months ago, I was using my email account and I received an email claiming to be from my bank. I clicked on the link in that email and it took me to a page and it stated that my bank account has been hacked and my personal information is in danger. It also gave me a number (18555000718) to call and I was panicking, so I called the number. A guy with a middle eastern or Indian accent answered the call and claimed that his name was Joseph. He ended up SCAMMING $899.99 out of me and since then, the number has not been reachable. I did some research and found out that the number is owned by a company named SNS Professional. After a little bit of more digging, I found out two more numbers associated with the firm:
    Even Avoxi is refusing to assist me with this issue. SNS Professional is nothing more than a professional SHAM and they need to be taken out for good.

  7. SNS Professional is running a fraud and scamming people out of there money. They stole around $600 from my father. He’s not so much of a techy guy and they took advantage of it by tricking him into calling them. They told him that his system was infected and their number is not reachable now… after we asked for a refund. How low can people go for money?


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